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Ogame Strategie

Version läutet neue Ära im Strategiespielklassiker ein. OGame. - Am 3. Oktober ist der Startschuss für OGame gefallen. Seitdem. Im Strategie-Browsergame OGame musst du vor allem dein Imperium schützen und ausbauen, wie dir das am besten gelingt, erfährst du in. Du bist nicht allein unterwegs im Strategiespiel OGame. Tausende andere Imperatoren verfolgen ähnliche Ziele und versuchen, mit ihren Mitteln einen besseren.

OGame: Grundsatzstrategie

Zahlreiche Gefahren und strategische Herausforderungen, aber auch Reichtum und Macht erwarten den risikofreudigen Weltraum-Pionier in den. OGame ist ein Spiel der intergalaktischen Eroberung. Du startest mit nur OGame bietet dir grenzenlose Möglichkeiten. Wirst du deine Weltraum / Strategie. Du bist nicht allein unterwegs im Strategiespiel OGame. Tausende andere Imperatoren verfolgen ähnliche Ziele und versuchen, mit ihren Mitteln einen besseren.

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OGame :- Astrophysics Level 24 And 25. Building Up Planet Number 14!

Grundsatzstrategie. Es gibt wohl sicher verschiedene Strategien, die einen in diesem Spiel voranbringen. Manche Spieler setzen rein aufs raiden (pure Piraterie). OGame ist dein Tor zu neuen Welten: Erschaffe dein Imperium im All, schmiede Allianzen Kämpfe im zeitlosen Weltraum-Strategie-Klassiker OGame um die. Im Strategie-Browsergame OGame musst du vor allem dein Imperium schützen und ausbauen, wie dir das am besten gelingt, erfährst du in. Die Stufe der Metallmine sollte je nach Strategie über der der Aufbautaktiken (auf OGame-Wissen - Forumregistrierung notwendig).

Die restlichen Tischspiele sind Ogame Strategie in achtfacher AusfГhrung vorhanden und. - Bunkere keine Rohstoffe

Nur du hast hier das Sagen und schaltest und waltest, wie du Glücksspirale 27.10.18 für richtig hältst. 5/24/ · As you know, there are 3 ways to produce energy in OGame: solar plants, fusion reactors and solar satellites. Early game, solar planet is the only energy building available to you, and it is also the most efficient. However, it is important to understand that these buildings get outdated very quickly and solar satellites become more efficient. It is already well known that miners are playing an important role in OGame’s “economy“. Playing as a miner is less time consuming than playing as a fleeter. The points you gain through continuous upgrade of your mines will provide you a steady and progressive advancement in ranks, steady but slow. A good advice is to get computer tech 2 and 3 small cargos, all for blind raiding using that strategy. Farming everyone around will make you grow faster and it will also make others grow slower. Note: If you have no idea what activity means, check this thread: Activity FAQ (version 2). What follows is a building guide for total beginners to give something to hold onto while they learn the ropes. The main goal here is to get a Small Cargo Ship ASAP to start raiding inactive players or undefended planets. It will also give you the option of building a few Rocket Launchers. 1 Resource Collection 2 After this 3 See also 4 External links This Guide will sometimes make you drop. © Gameforge 4D GmbH. All rights reserved. There is a large variance in strategies that players use for defense. What follows on this page are some strategies that experienced players have found to work for them. No matter the strategy used, the best way to avoid attack is to fleetsave and spend your resources promptly. Defense simply serves as an additional measure to add to that. Any defense can be beaten by a determined player or. Fleeters tend to forget about their mines, however all resources in an OGame universe are produced by mines. So never forget that your production is a significant part of the resources you make. Higher mines mean more resources without having to work for them! Farming actives. You can achieve top ranks in your universe with the condition that you are a constant and perseverant player, and you will have patience to work on your mines for a few years. Having a strong alliance with like minded fellow player can only be of help and a stimulant for a long time play career in OGame. If you Norddeutsche Klassenlotterie see resources it means that the player can have defense and fleet on the planet that you can't see due to too low espionage tech. If a probe survives, you can launch as many cargoes as needed to capture the maximum resources. That means when you acquire Rocket Launchersyou should have:. Effective cost is calculated by converting unit cost to metal. Conquer new planets, research futuristic technologies, forge alliances and compete against thousands of other rulers in epic space battles. Colonies : You should be getting as many colonies as possible. The post was edited Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeit Lotto time, last Freispiel Bonus Casino Valent Aug 5thpm. The era of which SpeedSim was still in use. Nothing 2 rocket launchers Uno Spielregel handle. Note: If you can't find targets big enough to fill those 15 SCs, you should get an extra level of computer tech before combustion tech.

As a miner, your primary income comes from your own economy. Of course, you still can raid inactives, fly to expeditions and use a small fleet to attack weaker players, but those sources of income are secondary at best.

Since your economy is of utmost importance, you should always prioritize things that allow, more importantly, for higher income, and, less importantly, for efficient utilization of that income.

In determining how to develop your mines, you should prioritize mines with lowest amortization first, i. There are various tools and add-ons available to help determine the economic effect of mines, with Antigame Origin and Infocompte being useful in that regard.

Those tools, however, require you to set up trade rates which should be used during calculations i. Depending on how you set up those rates, tips provided by the tools may vary significantly.

You can try setting up Infocompte on your account and testing and trade rates and check the results. A good tip might be that you simply get the cheapest mine first: it is not a guarantee of best amortization, but it provides good results.

Therefore, Crystal mines become less cost effective over time, and it is not uncommon for players in older universes to have higher levels of Deuterium mines than Crystal mines.

As you probably already understood from the above, investments in mines provide for lower return on investment ROI as the game progresses, and at some point it may be not worth it to pursue another mine due to extremely high cost and insignificant increase in production.

Maximizing your ROI requires some automated tools, which I mentioned above, strategic thinking and a good understanding of your universe.

Since a lot of new universes open these days and many newer players join them, I suggested it would be best to continue my guide with tips on how to get on track quickly.

So, you got yourself into a new uni. Regardless of the amount of Dark Matter you are going to buy usage of Dark Matter, or DM, is covered later in this guide , the path you are going through stays the same.

DM just allows you to fast-track it. Early on, you should absolutely prioritize mines and astrophysics, which allows to colonize new planets.

ROI early is extremely high and any piece of resource that is not put into mines sets you back. The best defense early is, simply put, being online.

Because of high ROI, you will have a lot of resources that might attract unwanted visitors rushing small cargoes and light fighters fleet, and investing in rocket launchers interferes with your income generation activities.

Try to follow the quickest route you can to colony ship and astrophysics. Getting your first 2 colonies is not expensive in speed unis and you can do it in a few days without DM and within an hour with a decent DM starter pack.

It is hard to say what level of mines you need to start going for the first astro, but it is common to stop at before pursuing astrophysics.

Sending your first expedition provides you with 2 heavy fighters and 5 small cargoes, which are great to raid a little and help yourself get colony ship quicker.

Tutorials and rewards are great ways of assisting yourself in your quest for early growth. Tutorial bonuses come around quicker, since they are not tied to days played, unlike the rewards.

However, the first reward, providing you with metal and crystal, is extremely useful in chasing first planet.

A huge early game issue is that you need a lot of Deuterium for astrophysics and colony ship, but you have a hard time producing it due to high energy costs.

So you either use merchant to buy Deuterium with DM, exchange your extra metal for Deuterium, or wait. There is not much Deuterium to raid for, either, since the universe is stripped of it that early.

A popular and an important question that many miners ask is: when do I go for the next planet? There is no universal answer, as the mathematics behind it are influenced by boosters, speed of development, current situation in the universe, availability of resources and so on.

After Astrophysics level 23, the ROI is not good and the investments repay after a very long time, so it is basically a matter of whether you want to get the tech and further mines or not.

I personally think that Deathstars RIPs are a better investment that late in the game. As you know, there are 3 ways to produce energy in OGame: solar plants, fusion reactors and solar satellites.

Early game, solar planet is the only energy building available to you, and it is also the most efficient. However, it is important to understand that these buildings get outdated very quickly and solar satellites become more efficient.

That said, solar satellites can be destroyed, while solar plants and fusion reactor, which are buildings, can not. In case of war or just simple attack from an enemy, solar satellites can be targeted or hit during a raid on your planet.

In that case, you will see a terrible consequence for energy. Nevertheless, satellites are extremely efficient, because they are cheap and allow you to invest more resources into mines and get a quick growth.

Early in the game, solar satellites allow you to quickly outgrow players who go for high levels of solar plant. The minimum level of solar plant when it is cost-efficient to change for satellites is 16; that is the level I always stop at.

Under no circumstances I recommend to go for levels higher than Only build mines and solar plant on that colony.

Fields don't matter at all! Use the extra mine output to research more levels of astro tech and build more colonies. You should concentrate on building up your deut and crystal mines as you'll need a lot of those to build astro and new colony ships.

Note: Don't forget to continue with farming. It will speed up the entire procedure. One way of placing your 2nd colony is trying your luck and placing it to the position where you wish your permanent colony.

Getting to the stage where you have all permanent colonies is very important! Question: Where should I place my colony? Answer: That depends a bit on your style, but as this is the guide on the most affective way to pregress, I will only explain the most efficient colony placement.

You can read more about the different gameplay styles here: In a normal speed universe, you should mainly colonize in lower galaxies.

One of the recommneded planet placements are: Galaxy 1: Systems , and Galaxy 2: Systems , and Galaxy 3: System Galaxy 4: System etc.

Advantages of this kind of planet placement are that it allows you to have the widest raiding area. Lower galaxies are normally more occupied, so you should have more colonies there.

Some colonies in the higher galaxies are a good thing as you can launch at players who hide their fleets there.

Placing a colony in the middle of the galaxy will allow you to reach oth edges of a galaxy easily. As there's less players in higher galaxies it is also a good spot to go for graviton.

Question: But all the good slots are already taken! What should I do? Answer: Planet slots with "destroyed planet" get cleared after 48 hours at am st.

If you're online then to send a colony ship and lucky to arrive there first, you will get a good spot eventually. Just make notes of "destroyed planets" and keep sending ships there.

In young unis galaxies are often very crowded, which makes you being the first with a colony ship is even more important. Note: In speed unis, the planet placement is different!

It takes less time to travel therefore it's a good idea to have one colony per galaxy. This will allow you to get a wider raiding area - you'll be able to farm more inactives thus get more resources.

It will also allow you to start FSing with deployment mission, which which will be your first safe FS. What now? The optimal solution would be to build more fleet, get recyclers and farm like crazy.

Invest in both - mines and fleet. Mines will supply you with a steady income during the time you won't be fleeting.

Fleet will bring you a bigger hauls of resources. Colonies : You should be getting as many colonies as possible. This will give you a great advantage of a wide farming area.

Note that players in lower galaxies will want to protect themselves building more defence and trying to be unproffitable. That's why you should move to a different one are after a while to get some fresh farms.

Make sure your colonies are big enough. Keep them above fields. See this guide for details: Colonising a new planet, old and new You should soon delete your small colonies and aim to have all permanent ones.

Mines: Keep some cargos on all planets so you can transport the daily mine output to develop mines. Don't build up a "super planet" with very high mines and ignore your colonies.

You should have all planet's mines developed the same way. Solar sats: As solar plants will start getting expensive, you should switch to solar sats.

It's recommended not to have a solar plant above levels as solar sats are a lot more efficient and cheap.

Defence: Note that they are very vulnerable to local farmers, so you should have some plasma turrets in your defence to protect them.

Build some fodder with defence as well, but don't invest in it too much. Many players ask how many solar sats can they have for a certain defence.

The best answer is - see for yourself. If you're not getting farmed, it's enough. Once you get farmed, double the defence. As soon as you get plasmas, you should have ABMs as well.

Keep at least as many as your plasma count is. Research : Research is not that important. Build impulse level 5 to speed up your cargos and unlock new ships.

You should concentrate on Astrophysics tech, Compute tech and Espionage tech. You can also try your luck with expeditions, but make sure you do them correctly.

Moonshots and FSing: It's a good idea to have a friend play a moonshot account to give you free moonshots.

Moonshots themselves are very expensive - especailly this early ingame, but a moon will be a great advantage as you can try your skill in blind lanxing.

Don't forget to FS! When you're not under lanx, use harvest or colonization mission. Once you're under lanx, you should always use deployment!

When a deployment FS becomes too expensive, and a lot of moons start appearing, you should consider buying moonshots if not having a MS acc.

The more you fleet, the faster you will grow. Note that a lot of high ranks go to people who are online a lot. In a couple of months, the list of top players change completely.

Being online helps you be ranked high at start, but it will not help you stay there forefer. At the early stages you should stil concentrate on inactives only.

After a while, you can start attacking those ranked lower than you. Once you get a moon, you can start having a proper fun. Question: When should I join an alliance and which alliance should I join?

Answer: That depends on your preferences. Don't join an alliance with too many members - that's a mass ally - it is full of noobs and normally has a poor organisation.

An appropriate amount of defense built at this ratio relative to how many resources you leave on planet should keep away any player without a fleet of Battleships and Bombers but you should be working on a Big Gun Defense before you reach the ' Light Lasers ' number in this example!

That means when you acquire Rocket Launchers , you should have:. Battleships , Bombers , and Destroyers , since upper tier vessels can easily break through defenses lacking in big guns.

The Heavy Lasers included in this strategy are included to clear a path through the Light Fighters that players like to use as fodder in their raiding fleets, and the Ion Cannons are there for their strong shields.

At this point it would be very difficult to have enough resources sitting on a planet to make attacking profitable.

People would only be attacking you to crash or ninja your fleet. Therefore this defensive strategy is suited towards supporting a fleet of ships in orbit of the planet.

You will achieve much more fodder for a comparable amount of res spent because the resources you are not building nearly as many big guns - you have big ships in orbit instead.

Your large amount of fodder makes it much harder for people to kill your ships and profit from the attack, while your defense is killing their Light Fighter screen in droves.

One thing you should be very careful with is the fact that the plasma turrets and shield domes are the only defense units which are not affected by a RIP 's rapid fire.

This means that if you have no or very little of these compared to the rest of your defenses i. However, whenever a rip hits a plasma turret or a shield dome, its turn will end.

Therefore the rules change when rips come into play, albeit this sort of defense won't disappoint against bombers either as their rapid fire can be annoying too.

Of course, you should have both domes and as many ABMs as you can fit. That means when you acquire Light Lasers or Rocket Launchers , you should have:.

You now have a plasma to fodder ratio of almost 1 to 10 and the point here is that the plasmas are numerous enough to actually be hit by rips, but have enough fodder to be fairly safe from the rest of the attackers' fleet.

The above defense by the way will kill 23 attacking RIPs with no other ships as fodder and kill most when 24 were to attack. More importantly, the attacker needs a minimum of RIPs!

Needless to say, you'll be needing massive amounts of ABMs. This defense strategy is the one that will protect you against the most Battle Ship based fleets and Destroyer based fleets, you'll have enough fodder that will protect your big guns while they destroy the attacking fleets effectively.

This Strategy covers most of fleets made by an average Raider with fleets of Cruiser , Battle Ship , Destroyer and shouldn't have much problem to take out Battlecruiser.

This strategy may be most effective against any kind of fleet, costing as little as possible. It will fare decently against all types of late-game fleets, inflicting a decent amount of damage.

Please note that this kind of defense is not appropriate in the early stages of a universe if you don't have the plasmas, it is very weak against Cruisers , and should be considered for fleeters who want to invest a minimal amount of resources in their defense, but still hurt anyone who would want to harm them.

RL is used as fodder to counter Destroyer fleets. HL are included to quickly wipe out Light Fighters in the case of fodder-based fleets, and also to help finish off dessies which aren't killed by the PTs.

Unlike OGame, Terraform building is one of the most importants to optimize your planet productions. With Terraformation, you can unlock unique metal mines with hot planets, or achieve the most perfect form of habitation with gaian planet!

Planets may also include unique orbital boosts that can be acquired while colonizing! Shattered megastructures from those who came before us are around the galaxy!

Conquer them and they shall remain yours forever! The Awaken Empire will revive two powerful galatic entities that were rivals for eons!

Calculate with care what will be your next mine. Take into consideration the amortization Don't spend precious fields for buildings you don't need.

Do not place your colonies in the same system. This will make you vulnerable to enemies that can move a planet in your system and farm you until you will be forced to quit Best way to position your colonies is to select places enabling you to fleetsave for a decent amount of hours.

Select a colony that you are going to use as headquarters, take care to get a moon, use it to collect the resources from your other colonies until you get the necessary quantity for your next mine upgrade.

It is optimal to position the other colonies so that transports collecting resources to your headquarters will take more or less the same time and thus you will be able to send them in fleetsave or to the colony needing the next upgrade without keeping ships or large amounts of resources on your planet or moon for too long time and tempt some greedy fleeter to attack you or destroy your moon.

Another reason for a moon would be to allow you to do BIG trades without being noticed. Another advantage of having planets spread across galaxies is a larger range of systems with inactives whose resources can round up your daily income.

Good colony distribution is 2 planets per galaxy. For example: two colonies in G1, two colonies in G2, two colonies in G4 and two colonies in G6 or G9 if you have a circular universe.

Online Lotto Bayern time, we won't forget about the deuterium synthesizers, but we won't build them very high, only to level 5 to get the tutorial bonus [vnesi tutorial 3]. Armour Technology. Weapons Technology.
Ogame Strategie
Ogame Strategie Der stärkere Spieler muss in der Buddyliste sein, sonst kann er nicht bei euch die Fleet halten. N Spiel Grundsatzstrategie Seite 1 Grundsatzstrategie Grundsatzstrategie Es gibt wohl sicher verschiedene Strategien, die einen in diesem Spiel voranbringen. Wenn der Ally-Kollege mit seiner fleet von g4 bis nach g1 muss, sind die Treibstoff-Kosten enorm!


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